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Description: The Servo JavaScript Rich Media Creative Tag displays a Servo rich media creative. Applicable rich media creative formats include rich banner, expandable banner, and interstitial.

Campaign Reports include: Impressions, Clicks

Attribution Reports include: View through, Click through

Inventory Partner Implementation Notes:

  • When copying and pasting Servo ad tags provided in an Excel document, please copy and paste the tag from within the cell. Copying and pasting the whole cell will result in double quotation marks, which will cause errors.
  • Each tag should be implemented in its entirety. Only scheduling portions of the Servo ad tag will result in a loss of functionality and potential reporting discrepancies.
  • JS tags will be generated as secure-only or as environment aware, where they will serve as secure when implemented into secure environments. Protocols within the tag should not be adjusted.
  • It is NOT necessary to implement a cachebuster in the Servo JavaScript rich creative tag.
  • $$_DESTINATION_URL_$$ must not be removed.


Note: The Servo JavaScript rich media creative tag will NOT contain a <noscript> portion, unless a static backup image has been set in the Servo UI. 
click: Your click redirect macro must directly prepend the Servo click macro $$_DESTINATION_URL_$$, which must remain within the click field.
ex & site fields: These two fields are optional. This is where you can add your Inventory Partner exchange tracking macro and/or your Inventory Partner site tracking macro.
osdevid & osoptout fields: These two fields are where you add your Device ID (IDFA/AAID/GAID) and OptOut macros. If your device ID macro will not populate a device ID when a user opts out of being tracked, your opt out macro isn't necessary.
pubimpid: This is where you add your Inventory Partner impression ID macro.
eventTracker_MMAdExpand: This field is strictly used to track expands, not clicks. A click is considered a click which takes the user to a landing page. Expands are simply the expanding of an expandable unit.
imppx: This is where you add your Inventory Partner impression pixel macro.
*Do not overwrite double quotes of the editable fields
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