Servo Workflow

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Servo is used to deliver mobile marketing campaigns in the following way. Creative Developers are generally responsible for Step #3.


Step 1 - Create Campaign

Ad AdOps, Media, or Account team member creates a Servo campaign.


Step 2 - Create Placements

An Ad Ops or Media team member creates placements within the Servo campaign. Each placement represents sold inventory from a pre-certified Inventory Partner property (app or website).


Step 3 - Develop & Upload Creatives

Creative developers build and upload creatives as required by the media plan.


Step 4 - Create Advertisements

Servo advertisements define how the creatives will be served to placements. Ad Ops teams tie one or more Servo creatives to Servo placements, thereby creating Servo advertisements.


Step 5 - Distribute Tags

Each Servo advertisement has an accompanying Servo ad tag. Tags are strings of JavaScript or HTML code prepared specifically for each pre-certified Inventory Partner environment. Servo tags are picked up by pre-certified Inventory Partners who traffic them to their properties using their own (1st-party) Inventory Partner ad servers.


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