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Description: The Servo VAST Tag displays a VAST video asset, with the option to redirect to a landing page upon click action. 

Campaign Reports Include: Impressions, Clicks, Video Completion Rate via quartile video event tracking

Inventory Partner Implementation Notes: 

  • When copying and pasting Servo ad tags provided in an Excel document, please copy and paste the tag from within the cell. Copying and pasting the whole cell will result in double quotation marks, which will cause errors. 




ex & site fields: These two fields are optional. This is where the inventory partner can add their exchange tracking macro and site tracking macro.
osdevid & osoptout fields: These two fields are where the inventory partner can add their Device ID (IDFA/AAID/GAID) and OptOut macros. If the device ID macro will not populate a device ID value when a user opts out of being tracked, the opt out macro isn't necessary.
pubimpid: This is where the inventory partner can add their Inventory Partner impression ID macro.
autostart: Either a dynamic macro or a hardcoded value of '1' should be inserted in the autostart field, flagging if the environment the VAST tag is being served into will have the autostart/autoplay feature. 
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