Getting Started with Servo Rich Media API

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To begin Using the Servo Rich Media API, include the API's JavaScript file from Medialets' CDN into your index.html file (and your expandable.html file if applicable) from the following URL:

The API's JavaScript file must always be delivered from Medialets' CDN. Never save the API's JavaScript library file to a local directory.

Also Include your servo.config.js File

Your servo.config.js file should also be included into your index.html file (and your expandable.html file if applicable). Learn more about the servo.config.js file.


Your servo.config.js file must be placed locally, into the root directory of your creative, right next to your index.html file.

index.html or expandable.html


While the above two JavaScript files are required, your creative might also include any other JavaScript libraries as well as external CSS files, etc.

Note: When viewing this video, view Fullscreen and select 1080p for best quality. 


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