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Q: What is Medialets Inventory Partner Certification?

A: This is the process that certifies the inventory partner's mobile website/app on smartphones and tablets and across operating systems (iOS and Android) to support Servo 3rd Party Tags.


Q: What does Medialets look at during the Certification process?

A: The Certification process verifies 2 key areas:

  • Functionality: Does the creative display properly via a Servo ad tag? Does user tap successfully trigger and count a click through? 
  • Counting: Medialets compares the inventory partner's 1st party ad server's impression and click counts with Servo's 3rd Party impression and click counts. Inventory partners who produce valid test data (recommend 2,000+ impressions generated across representative inventory sources) that results in under 15% discrepancy fall within the certifiable category.  


Q: If we certify for a static placement, do we need to certify again for rich?

A: Certification is conducted on a placement level. If placements differ in terms of functionality, we recommend certifying for all applicable placements that can support 3rd Party Ad Serving/Tracking.  This proactive measure tests and ensures that Servo ad formats works successfully in their respective mobile web and in-app environment.


Q: If we've certified our properties for an SDK but decide to switch Rich Media APIs (e.g. from ORMMA to MRAID) or 1st Party Ad Servers, do I have to re-certify?

A: Yes, you should always certify the most recent version of your App or Mobile Site to ensure that your properties will render and count Servo served ads as intended. Please reach out to certification.support@medialets.com to request a certification update.  


Q: Who on my team needs to be involved in the certification process?

A: We recommend including the team that will be involved in the live campaign process, including ad ops/trafficking support, technical support, and a lead (such as an operations manager). 


Q: An agency asked us to ensure we are certified with Servo for an upcoming mobile campaign.  How do I start this process?

A: Easy!  Please reach out to certification.support@medialets.com.  Or, if there is a Medialets account manager that your advertiser Vendor Partner has already introduced you to, the Medialets account manager will follow up to coordinate the certification.


Q: When does Servo count an impression?

A: Servo is MRC accredited for mobile display impressions and clicks across both mobile web and in app environment.  This counting methodology adheres to the latest IAB/MMA/MRC Mobile Measurement Guidelines, recording an impression once creative renders on a user's device.  

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