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What is Servo Realtime Postback?

Servo Realtime Postback allows the Inventory Partner to be notified as soon as there is a successful attribution of a conversion action back to an ad impression served into the Inventory Partner’s property.  Depending on the campaign set up, the attributed conversion can be a View Through or Click Through conversion.  

How It Works

The Inventory Partner can pass a number of Values and Macros via the Servo Javascript ad tag:

Default Javascript Tag Parameters for Realtime Postback:

  • OS Device ID (Apple IDFA, Android Ad ID)
  • OS Opt Out (User Opt Out Flag)
  • Inventory Partner Impression ID (Inventory Partner Impression Event Macro)
  • Exchange ID (Inventory Partner Exchange Inventory Source ID/Macro)
  • Site ID (Inventory Partner Individual Site/Property Inventory Source ID/Macro)

The Inventory Partner must also provide Medialets a valid postback url to fire at the time of the attributed conversion.  When a successful attribution occurs, the Inventory Partner's postback URL is returned, populated with values passed at the time of the attributed ad impression. The Inventory Partner can then optimize based on Servo's realtime data.

** Advertiser/Agency partners must enable Realtime Postback at the Brand level in the Servo UI.


Certification Criteria: 

  1. Inventory Partner is certified for Servo JavaScript Ad Tags or Servo JavaScript Tracking Tags, and has the capability to pass Realtime Postback parameters to Medialets.  

  2. Inventory Partner postback URL is fired and received by the Inventory Partner, with returned values passed at impression time. 


How to Get Certified: 

For more information on how to become certified for realtime postback, please reach out to Certification.Support@medialets.com

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