Reporting Standard Rich Media Events

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While a campaign is live, creatives are delivered to devices where end users see and interact with them. As a result, events are sent back to Servo for compilation into campaign reports.


The Servo Rich Media API automatically tracks standard events that are common to nearly all rich media creatives.


The API also allows developers to implement reporting for custom events that occur within rich media creatives.


The following rich media creative events are automatically tracked and require no implementation from the creative developer other than including the Servo Rich Media API itself:



Event automatically reported when a creative's index.html file is successfully delivered to the device.



Event automatically reported when the servo.clickthrough() method is used. Clickthroughs are tracked as engagements.



Event automatically reported when the servo.expand()method is used. Expansion rate is also automatically calculated. Expansion is not an "engagement" event.



Event automatically reported when the user closes an expandable or interstitial advertisement.


View Duration

Automatic reporting (in seconds) of the time that the creative was displayed, whether expanded or not. (available on request via custom report)


Expand Duration

Automatic reporting (in seconds) of the time the creative was expanded.



When technically available, the latitude/longitude of the device where the impression occurred.



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