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The Servo Rich Media API helps creative developers prepare HTML5 rich media creatives for wide scale deployment across the in-app and mobile web Inventory Partner placements that Servo delivers them to. It provides a simple, JavaScript interface to access the functionality that Servo's Creative Platform makes available.


The Servo Rich Media API serves two primary purposes:

  1. Core Functionality: The API helps assure that HTML5 rich media creatives delivered by Servo display & function properly in Inventory Partner environments.
  2. Campaign Reporting: The API helps assure that rich media events (clicks, expands, engagements, other data, etc.) are reflected properly in Servo campaign reporting.

HTML5 Developers can reference documentation on Using the Servo Rich Media API.

Core Functionality

From the creative developer's point of view, the environments where mobile ads are served are exceptionally fragmented. As mobile media plans inevitably grow, and the use of Exchanges, DSPs, and other dynamic inventory sources increases, the amount of fragmentation represented by a single mobile media plan might cause HTML5 Creative developers to run for the hills!

We believe that creative developers should have as much time as possible to focus on their primary function: building great HTML5 executions that make Clients happy. But when creative developers are forced to perform menial tasks like "digging up" the correct JavaScript to make their creative expand properly in one Inventory Partner's proprietary environment vs. another's, time is robbed from the primary function of making great creative.

The API Helps Eliminate Fragmentation

The Servo Rich Media API helps to eliminate Inventory Partner fragmentation by providing an interface to Servo's Creative Platform. Key functionalities used by the vast majority of HTML5 creatives — including click-through, expansion, dismiss, and reporting custom events — will benefit from the Creative Platform's power.

The Underlying Creative Platform is Updated Constantly

Behind the scenes, Engineers at Medialets are constantly maintaining and extending the underlying Servo Creative Platform — the Platform that the Rich Media API makes use of. The benefit for HTML5 creatives using The API is automatic compatibility with the ever-growing list of enhancements that are incorporated into the Creative Platform.

Campaign Reporting

Campaign reporting is usually the most important artifact of any digital marketing campaign. Campaign Reporting is used to determine whether a campaign was successful or not. It is therefore exceptionally important for creative developers to master the Servo Rich Media API's reporting methods for custom events.

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